Best Kept Secrets Tour

Thursday 10/4 - Saturday 10/20

Store Hours During the Tour:

Monday: 9a-5p

Tuesday: 9a-5p

Wednesday: 9a-5p

Thursday: 9a-6p

Friday: 9a-7p

Saturday: 9a-5p

Tickets can be purchased until the end of the tour for $10

Black Friday Weekend Sale

20% OFF All Mattress Sets

25% OFF All New Furniture

15% OFF All Used Furniture & Home Decor

Friday 11/22 - Monday 11/26

Black Friday Weekend Store Hours:

Thursday 11/22: CLOSED

**Friday 11/23: 9a-9p**

(Downtown Christmas Event Begins at 5:30)

**Saturday 11/24: 9a-9p**

Monday 11/26: 10a-5p